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DIPANKAR FINANCIAL (DIPANKAR MAJUMDAR )is a BALURGHAT-based Financial Planer established in 1999. With a unique approach to risk & asset management, over the last decade, we have grown from strength to strength to strengthen and broaden our horizons by adding various investment avenues, platforms, products, and services to our set of offerings.

The company's website is dedicated to helping people learn more about financial planning and to assist them in their insurance and financial needs in many ways. The website offers a plethora of information and resources that can be of great help to anyone who is looking to make informed investment decisions.

Dipankar Financial has a stringent code of ethics, and the company places its clients' needs above all else. This commitment to uncompromising integrity in every aspect of their business is what sets them apart from other financial planners. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, Dipankar Financial can help you achieve your financial goals. Their team of financial experts can provide personalized advice and recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

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Our Services

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Dipankar Financial provides Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) as an investment avenue to help investors to invest regularly and systematically in mutual funds.

Life Insurance

Dipankar Financial offers life insurance to protect you and your family's financial future in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Health & General Insurance

Dipankar Financial offers Health and General Insurance to protect individuals and families against unforeseen medical and non-medical expenses.

Demat Account

Dipankar Financial provides Demat Account services for clients, allowing them to securely hold their stocks, bonds, and other securities in electronic form.

Why Choose Dipankar Financial

Choose Dipankar Financial for their unique approach to risk and asset management, commitment to client needs, and broad range of investment avenues, platforms, products, and services.

Experienced Team

Dipankar Financial has an experienced team of financial experts who can provide personalized advice and recommendations based on the client's unique circumstances.

Secure and Reliable

Dipankar Financial is a secure and reliable financial planner that prioritizes its clients' needs and demands uncompromising integrity in every aspect of its business.

Easy Access

Dipankar Financial can be easily accessed by visiting their website or contacting their team of financial experts to help with insurance and financial planning needs.

Hassle-free Account Opening

Dipankar Financial offers hassle-free account opening services for its clients, allowing them to quickly and easily open an account and start managing their investments.

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Dipali Nagar, Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal - 733101

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